The book…

For context sake: This experience was written on 28/07/2020

For me, I discovered my calling at 11…yeah, I knew at a young age that the LORD called me to write. For this, I’m sincerely grateful. Because although I’ve come through many rough and indecisive years, I was still on time, you see 🙂 

So from telling my sister statements like, ‘I’ll be celebrated globally!’, to writing my first poem titled, ‘Growing Up’ at that age, I’ll say it could only be God. It is a blessing 💌 in every way. 

Now why did I start with this quote, ‘The book is the platform.’? You see, I was contacted to be a self-publishing coach. During the calls with the prospective client, this quote came to me as a reply to a question she had. A question that had troubled her along her path, was, ‘But do you have a platform already to promote your book?’, and this quote is the answer to that question people ask to Authors-in-the-making. I thank God for the deliverance for her that day!

You know how people say to budding Authors, ‘You do not have a platform to promote your book…You do not have a track record and all, so you cannot publish a book.’ Well, the answer to that remains, ‘The book is the platform.’ It is really as simple as that. When the book is published, I stand on that platform.

And to the glory of God, that is exactly how it is happening for me. From a published book titled, ‘They Told Us Dream’, the LORD is giving me a writing ministry. From a published book, I’m getting contacted to write memoirs and be a self-publishing coach. From a published, I’m leaning towards the career of a professional writer. From a published book…And much more that happened in the past, that you all know about, to the glory of the LORD.

All these from a published book, thank God! By God’s grace, more will happen in the future, if Christ tarries. Thus, I really will be celebrated globally, to the glory of the LORD, all from what? A published book(s).

Therefore, the book really is the platform!

Bragging on God:

But by the grace of God I am what I am: and His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain;

1 Corinthians 15:10a (KJV)

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