If you don’t lose anything, how would you get a restoration?

You say, all that time I lost, what was that for! *thinking*

If you don’t encounter defeat, why would you need a victory?

You realise, there were battles you didn’t even know you were fighting.

If you don’t have enemies, what will ‘Jehovah Sabaoth’* be doing for you?

You cry, why did I get to meet wicked people in that testing season of my life?!

If you don’t face disappointments, how will you know when to leave?

You get to hold on to the moments that the LORD has already moved away from.

If you don’t get revelations of the battles, how will you know the deliverance?

You speak, ‘that enemy is destroyed in Jesus Name!’ for a fight already WON 🙂

Now, all through that time, you might feel got wasted, when you did not even realise how hot the battle was raging. Through that time, the LORD God Almighty was shielding you, from the oppression, the fire, the arrows by day and night.

Had you known the intensity of the battle, you would have given way to distractions and hatred. Yes, hatred!

Know this, everyday for a Christian is a battle-ready day. But you were at war and God prevented you from ‘warring’ (worrying). Because, had He let you know the intensity, you may have given up.

So, thank Him for the ‘wasted time’. It only seemed like that because you were protected from the intensity of it all. Now, when was the last time you saw a ‘jobless soldier’ on the battlefield? NEVER! A battle is in its own rights the most engaging of life’s activities.

THE MOST ENGAGING. Remember this!!!

Dedication: This write-up is dedicated to my lovely Mum 😘
She encouraged me to put up a post. So, here we go Mum!
More posts coming up for her by God's GRACE 🙂

Reference: Jehovah Sabaoth means “The Lord Of Hosts” or “The Lord of Armies”. One of the Names Of God.

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