Grateful 🙏

I am writing this post as a MEMORIAL to what the Lord has done.

Blessing Okoro

The testimony of my MBA

I remember the year 2014 (during *NYSC), I applied for my masters. Trust me, I just wanted to go for one, so I chose LLM (law remains my next passion course). I was beyond fired up and Jesus did it! I got two admission letters to top schools I applied to (University of Leeds and University of Kent). I can vividly remember going through the UKEAS office then (the office was in the same building where my *CDS meetings held), and how my admission Coach was so helpful and all.

Long story short, I didn’t go for the Masters. I had to decline my admission slots (my Father didn’t think that a masters in law was the best move after studying Economics et al). Basically, with no scholarship, no means of funding, I had to cry and move on.

But God…He knows what He’s doing. Fast-forward to 2017, I was already working *jejely, but I needed to get out of that job – the environment – the career path. The next escape was school – I had simply the desire of ‘an escape’.

I prayed about it. Next thing I knew, everyone started falling in agreement with the desire. I don’t even remember how, ‘you should go for your MBA’ came about. Everyone was involved – my Dad, my elder Brother, Mum, Sister – everyone supported me 🙂

France was chosen, IESEG School of Management was chosen, I even got some scholarship off my fees, the fees were paid, visa was granted, I could leave the job, et al. The Lord made it easy! Like you see this! Red sea parting…And I didn’t have to fight in the battle, I only held my peace and kept on praying through every stage/step. The Lord perfected everything Himself.

It had to be God, coz really, the same team (myself and my family) was the exact same team from 2014 – but God made everything work out the next time around. He even gave me better – a masters in business administration – well fitted for the career transition I needed.

I’m too grateful…I’m beyond grateful! Words cannot explain nor express my gratitude to God for what He has done in my life. And then in between the challenges – time will not permit me to tell of the miracles in between – the getting an internship, the strength in writing the final report, the grace for every single coursework, exam, presentation, group project et al, the provision and divine interventions through it all, the lessons, the clean breaks, rest days and milestones, the beautiful people, the helpers, the low times, the distinction in my final grades, of everything the Lord did.

Indeed, exceeding, abundantly, far above all I could ever ask or think according to the power that works in me.

And the Lord bless my family abundantly for their amazing support through it all ❤️

Now, WON’T HE DO IT!!! Oh, yes, He Already Did. THANK YOU, LORD!

–          Signed
Your Grateful Daughter
Blessing Okoro

Those stared words

NYSC: National Youth Service Corps – A one-year compulsory service in Nigeria after graduation from your Tertiary institution.

CDS: Community Development Service – A sub-set group during the NYSC for every Corper to be involved in active service (usually on a weekly basis).

Jejely: Nigerian pidgin word for saying ‘easily’. Common statement use, ‘life nah jeje.’ Translation? ‘life is easy.’

Now, in the spirit of a testimony, be blessed by this Message that comes after.

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