25 Blessings…

25 Blessings

On the 31st of October, I decided to write 25 lessons blessings for my Birthday! And 25 songs that have blessed me so far 🙂

  1. This assurance that keeps overflowing in my spirit saying, ‘You’ve not seen your best days yet!!!’ Thank You Lord for that Blessing (Best Days Yet)
  2. The blessing of the Gospel being preached across the world, and the fellowship of the Brethren. (Let The Church Say Amen)
  3. The blessing of having my amazing Mother and Friend, Mrs. Rosemary Okoro (Somebody’s Praying For Me)
  4. The amazing blessing of my one and only Sister (Covered)
  5. The blessing of all my family members (Another Blessing)
  6. The blessings of divine health (healing too), life and salvation (Good Good Father)
  7. The blessings of grace, favor, strength, mercy, sanity, provision, protection, deliverance and more!!! (Kept By His Grace)
  8. The blessing of locational change, countries to visit, and beautiful people everywhere I go 🙂 (Wonderful Wonder)
  9. The blessing of my Book #TheyToldUsToDream, dreams coming true and passion-work that pays, to the glory of the Lord. (DANSAKI (I’M ACKNOWLEDGING YOU)
  10. The blessing of friends turned family, a brand community and every great mind I’ve been privileged to meet and will still meet by God’s grace (My Tomorrow Must Be Greater Than Today)
  11. The blessing of words, for writing, speaking and blogging inspiration (YOU DESERVE IT)
  12. The blessing of helpers (that are true helpers), to the glory of the Lord (Yabo)
  13. The blessing of the provision to pay bills and the blessing to earn. Thank You, LORD! (MY PRAISE)
  14. The blessing of education and academic success, to the glory of the Lord (TWALE)
  15. The blessing of my Blog (BlessingShares), 5 years and counting, and where the Lord is taking the brand to, to the glory of His Name. (Ko Le Baje)
  16. The blessing of answers to prayers, thanksgiving, fasting, the Word of God, and the anointing of the Most-High God. (I Am The One (Luke 17:11-19)
  17. The blessing of Sisters in Christ, my Prayer partner, and supportive friends for years. (Thank You Lord)
  18. The blessing of becoming an Aunt, over and over again, to the glory of God. (Victory Belongs to Jesus)
  19. The blessing of the cooking grace and love for spicy foods 🙂 (King Of My Heart)
  20. The blessing of laughter, Madea movies and pure joy in the Lord! (HALLELUJAH)
  21. The blessing of the years, the clean breaks, and the beautiful memories, with greater years ahead in Jesus Name. ( “The Maker”)
  22. The blessing of this season of life and living my best life every day to the praise of His Name. (I Need You)
  23. The blessing of the gift of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. I love You, Lord. (The Master’s Calling)
  24. The blessing of these last days and the Rapture of the Saints at hand, to the glory of the Lord. (No Other Place)
  25. These 25 blessings and more to the glory of the Lord!!! (A Great Work)


Thank You Lord for life and favor #25Blessings


2 thoughts on “25 Blessings…

  1. Okoro Rosemary Jegbefumen says:

    God will continue to bless you my dear. He is your good God and Saviour! Your blessings are innumerable! Hallelujah!!!


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