I have pictures for years!!! This is literally what I told my friends from CU recently. You see, on the 26th of July, it was 5 years after graduation from Covenant University *amazing grace!*

The pictures were intact, I had my personal grad photos, pictures from lecture halls, from the thanksgiving service, from the last day of examination in school and so much more *haha*.

Those memories came alive…It was amazing! I gave thanks to God and shared pictures I had of my friends with them *as much as I could*

My point today is: those were great days…looking back years later, reliving the moments in one’s mind and having happy memories of school days… THE MEMORIES ARE REAL.

It was not all easy and stressless, but in 5 years, the dots finally connected – we could ‘awww’ about the remembrance of it.

So, we take the memories with us, for many more years to come by God’s grace *if Christ tarries* and remain grateful for those days that have now become real throwbacks *smiling*


Now, what will you do with your own memories? 


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