Energy Saving

Energy Saving

…More like, you need to take time out to consciously rest and relax. This goes beyond sleeping an extra hour a day…it is more of an unwinding period.

The rest could be extra days of laughter, it could be sight-seeing, it could be traveling to fill up your bucket list or more.

It has to be your own form of rest, away from the schedules and routines…and yes, the work aspect of achieving your dreams per time.

I bet no one told the dreamer to rest *haha*. Every other word such as ‘work, plan, continue, succeed…’ were more dominant, yeah? I know this.

Well, that’s because no one can decide rest for you, it has to be you telling yourself, ‘I must take time out to relax in my own way.’

Only you can do that for yourself by the grace of God. For increased greatness, speed and inspiration along your dream actualization journey, it is expedient to REST.

Why won’t you?…it is a Real Energy Saving Technique.


Wishing you a happy rest (vacation) season from BlessingShares 


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