Day 5- Tell Your Own Story

Today, I will introduce the final nugget by saying, ‘the Dreamers’ Series’ has been amazing!!! Join me in clapping if you know this *clapping*

Now, to the story of this week, as an experiential Writer, I write based on real and personal experiences. It has been an exciting week for me, as I am currently reading my own paperback copy of our book, #TheyToldUsToDream.


What is a story? An account of things that have occurred. My own story shared these past weeks were from extracts I had from achieving my dream to become an Author. They formed the nuggets, lessons, principles, and quotes shared so far.

This goes to say, every story is personal. Your story will be different, your lessons will vary, and achieving your dreams per time will bring another experience unique to you.

Now, go on and live your own dream(s). Tell your own story! It’s a beautiful experience 🙂 

We should learn from the stories of others… We should also write our own stories as we achieve our dreams per time.


I will say this again, whatever you do, make sure you write your own story (more like live your own dreams)You don’t literally need to write a published book (except that’s your dream, you know!) 😊

The point is, you need to start and continue living your own dreams to be able to TELL OWN STORY.

Now, the final question is, ‘What Will You Do about Your Dream?’





P.S – All content and quotes are original creations of @blessingshares and should be duly referenced for re-use.

Do send in your questions, comments or suggestions about the Dreamers’ Series in the comment box below or directly to


Book Reference, They Told Us To DreamGet Paperback copy here  or Get on Amazon Kindle

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