Day 4- Put People In Perspective


This nugget comes from a wealth of painful experiences. It helps to know, ‘not everyone will believe in your dream’ and ‘there are people that will be adversaries!’

Paul in the scriptures realized this when he said, ‘For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.’ (I Corinthians 16:9)


I will tell you my personal story, the first manuscript of my book was rejected. YES! That first Editor sat with me and began talking about, ‘you have not yet written a book, it needs re-writing…’

When I put this into perspective, I realized that my manuscript did not need ‘re-writing’ per se – it needed proper editing – and taking out some words and adding some new words during a book editing is extremely normal.  

This first editor’s response was not constructive, and I would have given up on my book-writing dream if I did not overcome the negativity of the criticism.

What did I do? I took up myself by the grace of God, prayed about it, nurtured my dream again and found another Editor.


Why did I share this story? To tell you that you should never worry about the ‘negative critics’ – you should overcome by ignoring them and moving on from their criticisms.

The nugget states ‘Put people in perspective’.


Everyone must go through a door screening: are you here to put more life into my dream or are you here to try to take life from it? Never let the latter set of people get in the way of your dream path.

It is your dream… let no adversary despise your dream! God put that dream in your heart, it is His business to bring it to pass. 


Learn to protect your dream(s) by putting people into perspective. Remember, the opposite of the negative critics are those ‘positive critics’ that put in life into your dream(s).

Criticism might be expected, although put the person giving it into perspective… every single time!

We will summarise this way, once the criticism is unhealthy and filled with negativity, you have identified an ‘adversary’. On the other hand, a criticism that is meant to build, filled with positivity and even practical steps on how to fix the identified issue, then that person giving this criticism is a ‘helper’.

So, ignore and pray about the adversaries, thank and pray for your helpers and return all the glory to God as you achieve your dream(s) per time. 

The achievement of a dream is a God-given miracle! 


You will achieve your dreams in Jesus’ Name 🙂

Now, whatever you do, love everyone along your dream actualisation journey.

The idea is not to dislike your adversaries. No! Love everyone.

Matter of fact, every great dream should expect the adversaries *clapping*


So, stay grateful and…


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