Day 3- Don't Talk To Me About Deadlines

   Today, the nugget is quite dramatic *haha* It simply states, ‘Don’t talk to me about deadlines!’ LITERALLY.
I know, I know, it is very normal to say, ‘you must finish the project next week!‘, ‘we need to send the report out by tomorrow!’, ‘I must achieve my dream before 2018 ends!’ That is alright… as long as you don’t burn your dream out.
   Why did I talk about a burnout? Well, I will tell. I wrote my first book for two years, seriously (or more). If I had considered the deadline for writing, two things could have happened: I could have released that very first draft or simply given up on the dream.
   It brings us back again, you need to ensure you do not give up on your dreams. Again, for a mental dreamers’ reorientation, what should we talk about instead? TIMELINES! 
We did it again! It might look very basic, but it is deep (you basically will remember this when you think your dream is taking too long). Say to yourself then, ‘I am achieving my dream in this season of life’, rather than, ‘I need to achieve this dream by this particular date!’
Do you see the difference?
   Be happy and read the quote nugget for today.


God bless you for reading 🙂

All content and quotes are original creations of @blessingshares and should be duly referenced for re-use.
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Book Reference, They Told Us To DreamGet Paperback copy here  or Get on Amazon Kindle

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