Day 2- There is no perfection

Today on the Dreamers’ series, I will talk about the often misinterpreted concept of ‘perfection’. Every serious dreamer needs to realize that there is no such thing as that word (at least not the conventional meaning of it). 
The analogy today is quite basic, achieving a dream per time is like writing a manuscript – the first draft is not the final draft. Why? The Writer has to edit, re-edit, even edit again and maybe edit one more time (as many times as is required).
You see, a dream in its right is a creative piece of writing, you improve on that dream as you go on. The moment you worry about being perfect at every stage, you hinder creativity and the zeal needed to go on.
Now the question is, what should we talk about instead? IMPROVEMENT! There we go. It is a classic case of, ‘start, try, fail, try again, keep going, …., succeed!’
The moment you see the need for improvement instead of ‘perfection’, you will not have any ideas about giving up on your dream(s) – it sincerely will not cross your mind at all.
You only keep going!
Once again, keep your inspiration going with the quote nugget for this week.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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