Learning curve – The Dreamers’ Series

Day 1- Grasp the learning curve

Today is the very first day of the series (it’s exciting).

We might ask, ‘what is the Dreamers’ series about?’

I will tell you, it is a 5-weeks sharing program about, ‘nuggets you need to know in order to achieve your dream per time’ (very easy and important).


The storyline today is, I wish someone has told me about how ‘intense’ the process of converting a dream into reality was.
So, I will just go on to say it, ‘achieving a dream per time is very challenging’ (in a great way…but it is!).


What do we need to overcome this realization? We must see challenges along our dream path in the light of this, ‘challenges are needed for us to learn’.

In simple words, as you go through the challenges in your quest to achieve your dream(s) per time, see those challenges as a way of LEARNING.

It’s that easy, although you will remember the depth of this nugget when the challenge(s) come (be ready).


Be inspired by the quote nugget below.


That’s it for this week 🙂

All content and quotes are original creations of @blessingshares and should be duly referenced for re-use.

Do send in your questions, comments or suggestions about the Dreamers’ Series in the comment box below or directly to ofure.okoro@gmail.com
Book Reference, They Told Us To DreamGet Paperback copy here  or Get on Amazon Kindle

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