The Fall…


I fell down today, literally. It has been so long since I fell, it felt like an entirely new experience, you know. In the space of the momentary seconds, I was like, ‘ahhhh, I must be dreaming‘, ‘I really cannot be in public, it must be a vision‘, ‘I am certainly too old to be tripping all the way to the ground‘, and on and on.

Well, I stood up and I laughed and some people around cared enough to say, ‘are you alright?’ and about three of them came close to me to be sure I was alright *great people, I say*. The awesome thing was, I stood up, I was alright *thank God* and I kept on going towards what I came to achieve.

It’s a classic case of my life! I’m where I am by the grace of God, I am here because I realized of a truth that, the fall in the physical is small compared to how many times I ‘have fallen‘ on my dream actualization path. At this stage, I can’t even count the disappointments, the time lag, the lessons learned from hard situations and on and on.

The good things I realized from falling in the physical were, ‘it wasn’t so bad’, ‘it wasn’t shameful’, ‘it definitely wasn’t planned’, ‘it especially wasn’t so serious‘. Well, I thank God for that! It takes me back to a video from ‘I’m So Blessed Daily‘ that I saw recently on Facebook, that shows that God is by me all the time *particularly in days when I am going through*. 

My point is, God didn’t let me fall in the physical and break my teeth or something, He didn’t let me fall on my dream path and give up on my dreams, He will not let me fall in life and miss out of His plans for me. For all these and more I am grateful.

And to think that the fall inspired a full write-up *haha* It’s a classic case of, ‘glory to God for the victory!’

I am not about to be falling again and again physically, but just in case that devil does not know, I will always rise up because Christ is by me. It is Proverbs 24:16 and more…Hallelujah!



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