5 Star Rating!

Review by Tobi

I am too excited!!! My book got a 5-star rating on Amazon *dancing* The book review was beyond encouraging.

When I was led to write this book, there was this constant nudging that it was needed to bless someone *one dreamer per time*. The kind of blessing that is meant to help a dreamer move from the stage of ‘dream to reality’. Simple, yet highly profound.

In this life, I have seen people with life-changing dreams that have not being birthed. It pains me, sincerely, when I realize that they only talk about the dream and do nothing else about it.

A dream is not a wish, it is not a vague expedition, it is especially not worthless. It is a gift from God, it has the power to create wealth for the dreamer, it has the ability to change lives. It deserves to be brought into reality.

This is why I wrote, They Told Us To Dream by the inspiration of The Almighty God, to make you understand that your dream(s) can come true.

You want to know how to go about it? Purchase my book, study the nuggets for dream actualization, pray on it, just start.

In the French language, we will say, tout est possible. All things are possible, says the Lord. Only believe.

Your dreams will get a 5-star rating (now that’s the highest rating).


Just Start:

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