One day?


Someone asked me today, ‘do you write every day?‘ I said, ‘not really :)’ Since blogging remains my most dominant measure of my ‘active’ writing frequency, I decided to write this evening.

The word active is in quotation mark for emphasis. You see, some days I write in my head, some days I write just one quote, most days I write on a paper somewhere and so on. But this is active writing, because I can track the posts (over 200 and counting) Thank you, Lord!

I must confess, I almost lost touch with writing this month. It’s either I was too excited from the book release or I was resting from the over 2 years of writing my first book. Eitherways, I am picking up again by God’s grace.

This quote gave me the inspiration to write and when I read it, it reminds me of Ecclesiastes 7:10

“Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.”

I will further explain the quote, you know that saying, ‘this is the best of my life!’ Well, I don’t know, ‘can we make that every day?’ I know, I know, some days will be more exciting and the memories will last longer – that is a given and undisputable.

The point is, each day that comes along should be looked at on the bright side, you know. It may look normal and mundane, although take away one moment that felt priceless.

For example, my day felt like a regular day until I realised that taking a stroll through a gift shop felt like an icing on the cake. These ‘little’ moments, every day, every year make up living.

We should embrace every moment that makes every day worth it. Now, that’s life…it is beyond just one memorable day, it is every daily memory.


Signing out…

Now, have a memorable holiday season and happy new year in advance by God’s grace. 



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