Fast days, slow days

Happy days, gloomy days

All these make up living


Beautiful memories, mundane memories

Few memories, countless memories

All sum up to the same reminisce


Days when you want to skip

Some memories make you think


Days in which you just keep still

From memories that bring pain


Days from which you draw strength

Because memories brought in smiles


They say that in days like these

It helps to remember that

There have been days like these


Today is one of those days

That I want to forget or remember

For a long time to come


Although the reality remains

There will never be this day again

So I have to live it till the end


My memories will remain

With me through my years

Let them remain alive – everyday.



Poem mirror:

I was not so sure how I felt today, so I wrote a poem. Feel way better, thank God 🙂

Everyday – thank God for everything.

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