Have you ever asked yourself, ‘when could I actually say I am successful?’ Better still, the way it pops out in my head is, ‘when shall I be great?!’

I have never seen anyone that did not want to be successful. Although, I have met lots of Dreamers who do not actually know at what point they actually succeed.

Truth be told, I was the chiefest of them all. Success always seemed like a far place to get to. It sometimes felt like one had to be old before being tagged a success.

Then, I found it, ‘the when of success’

A Person is successful from the day he/she has that dream!!!

It sounds simple right? It’s deeper than we know.

Why? Because having a dream itself is the foundation for any success. You see, no matter how much a Farmer waters the ground, if there was no seed sown, there will never be a harvest.

The dream is the seed you need to succeed…

So, when do you succeed? When you have a dream.

Because success in itself is achieved per time!


The question of the Week:

“Do you want to succeed in life?”

In another term, what is your dream?

Answer this!!!


If you would love to share with every great mind reading here, do drop a comment below…





5 thoughts on “Succeed!!!

  1. Rachel says:

    I love this💙Thank you! In this season I have chosen to take action steps towards this dream I have in my heart…I’m so hard on myself and your words blessed me..I AM SUCCESSFUL once I have a dream! Yes! The outcome will be a success of its own but my dreaming has made me “successful” I love it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • oyide says:

      Yes Rachel 👏👏👏👏 Glory to God.

      You are absolutely correct! 😃😃 You are already a success 💯💯💯💃💃

      Congratulations on having your dream.

      I am here cheering you on along your path as you live out your dream to the full, to the glory of God.

      God bless you real great.

      Thank you for reading 😃👏👏


  2. oyide says:

    My dream has evolved over time… Glory to God. Today, it can be stated in the masterplan, ‘to be a great media personality in ministry.’

    The zeal of the Lord will perform it. Amen!


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