There are people we meet

The memories of them stay within our hearts

There are places we go

The experiences from which we hold in our minds

There are words spoken to us

The ripple effects of them we keep in our heads

There are choices we make

The stories with which we mould our souls

All of these people, places, words and choices

Make the summation of life’s interactions

The question remains, “What do you do with all your encounters?”

You could love them

You could ignore them

You could dislike them

But you will never forget them.


Moral of the Poem:

Various seasons in life come to an end… The people we meet, the places we go, the words spoken to us, the choices we make tend to stay with us… It then becomes useful to decide what we would do with all the encounters.

I decided to love all my encounters at the end of a certain season. Because all is well in the end… It’s Ecclesiastes 7 verse 8a


I will ask this question again, “What do you do with all your encounters.”


Original poem via @blessingshares_official

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