They said…

They said ‘no’

Not sure why they did

I never even finished my story

They said ‘maybe’

It was highly inappropriate

I began to doubt my abilities

They said ‘okay’

It felt like I had asked for a favour

I knew there was greatness within me

They said ‘yes’

It was a God-sent response

I looked forward to these moments

They said what they knew

The responses were inconsistent

Their sayings were never predictable

Although, I have this timeless defense

Only the sayings of my Creator matters

So, I say what God has said.

Step to take:

This week and beyond, I only say what God has said concerning me. Let’s do this together.

Besides, the Word of God is backing us up…

Lamentations 3;37


2 thoughts on “They said…

  1. Rosemary Okoro says:

    Tell me who has the final say.. Jehovah has the final say…. So ride on my dear the Lord is on your side. Praise God.

    Thanks and kind regards, Rosemary Okoro.

    Liked by 1 person

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