A scattered hair will give a girl a lot of meditation window to view what exactly is going on in her head.


They said it was easy to be a girl…they lied! Ever had a bad hair day? It is even more ridiculous when you are certain that this scattered hair drama will span for about a week.


A blocked mind will cause a writer to doubt every piece he/she has ever written; it will also cause one to imagine how those great write-ups that gave so much joy ever happened at all.


They assumed that it was easy to be a writer… they joked! You call it a writer’s block? It is deeper than that- it is a moment of truth and a test that could extend into days and more days.


A scattered life will drain one of every iota of energy in the season it occurs; it will make a person numb to the existence of a good life.


They encouraged that it was necessary to lead a perfect life…they played! Did you try being human? It is not a disease you get to cure…it is what one is for a lifetime.




If a scattered hair can be remade into a beautiful style; if a blocked mind can produce one more exceptional piece and another and another…


Then, a scattered life must have the resource available for a fix into a more meaningful state.


the cross


That fix was done on the Cross of Calvary…come out today from that scattered season of life and reclaim the resource of God’s love to fix every broken/ battered/ bitter/ beaten piece of your frail being- for His Glory. Amen.


The Fix:

We all need a fix from our ‘imperfect lives’… from a daily fix to the fix of a lifetime.

The fix of eternal life is the most important of all. Get it today and have your days fixed forever till eternity in Jesus’ Name.

God bless us all.




8 thoughts on “SCATTERED

    • oyide says:

      Hahahahaha. Glory to God! Thank God o… For the writing grace 🙂

      Awwwww. Thank you dear.

      I’m still overcoming a bad hair season (you know how my hair trimmed itself) haha.

      I’m proud of ya. 4 weeks *wawu* God did it!


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