In love…



What is the love we all talk about?

Is it a thing of joy and also of hate?

Is it meant to hurt some and make others excited?

Is it meant for a few or for everyone?

Is it a feeling or a way of life?

What is this love you refer to?

Is it a passion, a reaction, or an illusion?

Will it make a face shine brighter or cause a heart to fold up?

Does it reside in good days or gloomy ones?

Can it make one believe a lie as the truth?

I don’t believe in the expressions of this love you refer to!

It will not take from one and add to another

It will not bless one and leave another pained

It will not come today and leave tomorrow

It will not be elusive and irritating to anyone

What have I found out about this love?

To have a lasting impression of love is the goal

To know Him who is Love and Love Eternal

Is the love I am resting upon forever

God is Love and His expressions are limitless

Now this truth is what I’m in love with.

6 thoughts on “In love…

  1. Light Ministry Blog says:

    The love we can trust is that which is expressed in ! Corinthians 13:4-8. It is very familiar to many of us…it is the unconditional love of God for us. No it is not carnal, it is spiritual. But if we apply its principles to our human love, we will be far more successful at relationships in general.


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    • oyide says:

      Thank you so much for this Steve.

      Indeed, the Word of God is Christ Jesus. He is the perfect expression of love.

      That’s why I’m not discouraged in any way. Lately, I’ve seen so much manipulations that people carry on in the name of love… I just know that is sickening. It can’t be love.

      God bless you for the scriptural reference. Good to have you back on the blog.


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