I first had to sit down to write an outline for this post. It is deeper than a normal extract.

While scrolling through my Facebook wall some days back, I viewed a clip from Les Brown’s teaching- it was beyond inspirational.

I say, ‘beyond inspirational’, literally! Although, inspiration may sound like a cliché in one’s ears…in my world, that does not even exist *haha*





Motivation – Inspiration – I use the words interchangeably. Permit me to continue with the word ‘inspiration’ 🙂

Points from the inspirational clip:

Les Brown talked about the Chinese Bamboo tree. A striking emphasis was made on the need for the watering and fertilization of the tree every day for five years before it breaks through the ground.

I was like, ‘five years!’ *wawu* When I realized the striking mention of the ‘daily watering and fertilization’ of the seed, that struck a chord!

He went on to say that anytime the watering and fertilization process is stopped, the Chinese bamboo tree will die in the ground.


“You must have patience and engage in consistent action.”- Les Brown

Reading between the lines, it teaches me that a person born with a vision must be nurtured daily by the drops of inspiration. It is pretty simple and deep at the same time.

Wait for the most exciting part 🙂 once the tree breaks through in the fifth year, it grows ninety (90) feet tall within the space of six (6) weeks.

This is a classic ‘so you think you are slow?’ moment!!! You should immerse in the mysterious story of the Chinese bamboo tree. It took five (5) years to grow and build that foundation!

Trust me, I had heard the story before and I was feeling really smart, until I sat down to let it sink…and it did sink.

“It is simple, but it is not easy.”- Les Brown

Now that we are excited, we do realize that is not easy to keep inspired. It is hard.

You really do not just sit back and some inspiration will come all the way to hug you and cuddle you all your days. No…not really.

I have had serious days when I needed to go all out to find me some inspiration *no matter how little that drop* and then there remained a need to keep that inspiration flowing like an artesian well. Amen!

“What you will discover is- it is worth it.”- Les Brown

How do you discover the flow of inspiration?

When you search for it, you will discover it. And when you find it daily *which you will by the grace of God* it will grow the vision on the inside of you.

Here are some nuggets on where to source for inspiration…

  1. The Word of God
  2. Divine devotionals
  3. Prayer
  4. Fasting
  5. Looking through the right kind of posts on social media
  6. Inspirational write-ups on my blog 🙂 and all the divine blogs out there
  7. Books and more books!
  8. Add to the list *yes!*




And while you are adding to the list, do know this, ‘the Holy Spirit must be with you and even in you all through your days…else no extent of the inspiration search will ever work.’

He is the Chief Inspirer!!! You need Him daily…DAILY.



By the grace of God, I am counting down to the release of my Book this year…I am totally adding the reading of the Book to my inspiration list. Amen 🙂

You are welcome to do the same *clapping*

Remain blessed and inspired.






10 thoughts on “Inspiration

    • oyide says:

      Awwww. Now, I can see why God sat me down to write it and publish it today. Post has been cooking since about Wednesday or so. Awwww. Glory to God. We thank God.
      God bless you darling.


  1. D'Dream says:

    You know it is easy to read something at a glance thinking you get the content until much later when you really had to sit down to digest it properly before understanding comes. And you’d be like “what? I thought I understood these things”

    Your daily dose of inspiration is quite interesting. Just like you said, daily motivation is a constant thing.

    I learn something few days ago that character is the ability to keep going after the excitements of your goals and resolution has wear off.

    Thanks so much for sharing these and yes cant wait to read your book.

    Oya release on time o

    Liked by 1 person

    • oyide says:


      Thank you so much!

      Awwww. I totally love your exposition on character 🙏👏🙌💯

      God bless you real great! I can relate to every bit of your comment 😃🙋

      I’m totally sending you a pre-order copy by God’s grace when the first set of the book drops. Amen!


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