Just know that something that makes you laugh exhaustively may one day make you cry.

It could then make you wonder…’was the laughter too loud or the hysteria too extreme?’

Did I not have a right to laugh that much and why do you now have to rub it in my face?

If the laughter was too intense, then you should have said it! I may have taken that excitement and made some reserve to overcome the pending gloomy day.

Better still, if it was too loud, I would have used a pillow to gauge the noise ripples and hope that I could pick up the echoes later on.

But it is too late now…because all I have here with me are these drops of tears and a raging mind…

Moments come and go. Although, I will write until I find excitement again and again…

I keep myself in remembrance of this 


Be Encouraged



Image source: Daily Devotional for Women

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