Pretty Baby- Pretty Girl- Pretty Lady- Pretty Woman

As the decades come and go, new phrases will always evolve, accompanying the word ‘pretty‘…

The question is, ‘who defines the word? Is it defined in favour of the beholder or the one being looked upon?

I found my answer to an aspect of the question in a question of its own- does the word when mentioned resonate a curse or a blessing? 

In basic terms, does it hurt to hear the word or is it a soothing sound. Better still, is the bearer of the word trying to gain an advantage over you or just dropping a compliment? 

Pretty Lady- Pretty Woman

Why lavish me with the rain of your words just to draw an undue advantage for yourself? Did I ever mention that I needed to be reminded after whose image I am made in an ‘inappropriate‘ manner?

Pretty is not my name! A pretty face is not who I am! I transcend my physical facade and facial build.


Godly Baby- Godly Girl- Godly Lady- Godly Woman

There exists immeasurable sincerity in the accompanying adjective above. I vouch for a switch from the misuse of the word ‘pretty‘ to the comfort of the word ‘godly‘.

It is a prayer rather than a manipulation. The switch carries with it a blessing, an assurance to be all that God has created a woman to be.

She is more than a pretty face… She is made in the image of the Most High God.

She is GODLY 😊💃💕🙋🎁❤️


I have nothing against the word ‘pretty’… I have everything against its misuse…


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