I have been waiting on WordPress to send me the post of ‘my year in review from 2016’. Still haven’t seen that post… I always love to reblog it *it gives you a summary of your blog strides for the year* 

You see, that reblog was meant to be my first post for the year, but I can’t wait for it anymore (I have posts in waiting).

Looking back on 2016, I get to question- ‘Am I the only one that feels like 2016 just flew by?’ 

I didn’t even get to reminisce towards the end of the year… I was just extremely grateful towards the end. That’s all I remember; next thing I know, everyone is shouting, ‘Happy New Year!’

Joining in the spree today, I will shout my own ‘happy New year’ to my awesome blog family 🙂

It is exciting to be living in this extremely fast period of time. Prophesies are fulfilling all around us and the world is basically packing up *it’s checking up time!*

As a Child of God, I’m grateful for another year to live in God’s will for my life and understand His Mind for my age. 

I believe it’s another opportunity to get it right friends and keep the fire burning. More importantly, time no longer. The wait is pretty much over.

The end is here! It’s too close now… If there is anything you haven’t done to get your life right with God, don’t wait till tomorrow, do it today! 

Make the things of God happen all around you! 

God help us all. Amen! 

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