Just know that something that makes you laugh exhaustively may one day make you cry. It could then make you wonder...'was the laughter too loud or the hysteria too extreme?' Did I not have a right to laugh that much and why do you now have to rub it in my face? If the laughter … Continue reading RAGING MIND 


Pretty Baby- Pretty Girl- Pretty Lady- Pretty Woman As the decades come and go, new phrases will always evolve, accompanying the word 'pretty'... The question is, 'who defines the word? Is it defined in favour of the beholder or the one being looked upon? I found my answer to an aspect of the question in … Continue reading Pretty 


   Aspirations? Dreams? Visions? Masterplans? All these words remain dominant through several seasons of my life. I have had dreams for over a decade and counting. Other days, I simply aspired to achieve a certain stride.  In a season, I received a vision for my life from God. At a point, the exact scriptural backing … Continue reading Aspire 


   She needed a hero, To lift her from point zero She needed peace, To make her raging mind cease She needed sanity, To bring an end to the calamity She needed solace, To comfort her along the race She needed healing, To stop her heart from bleeding She needed a break, To fix her … Continue reading SHE

Did you know? — The Saviour’s Bride Mission

Started out this year with a quote in my head on 'brilliance'... The need to study, read and meditate on potent information this year. I found a way for spiritual brilliance *Glory to God*. Check out the 'Did you know?' series on the divine official blog of my Church. It is indeed a blessing. Amen! … Continue reading Did you know? — The Saviour’s Bride Mission