Remember that story for another day? It is pretty simple, while growing up, I never enjoyed the crowd. Why? I never seemed to blend in. Ever!

For as long as I remember… From my primary school down to my tertiary institution. I was never like the rest of them. I was first too different, then too booky, then too spiritual (the schooling stages respectively).


I was going to title this post ‘why I learnt to laugh‘, but then I changed my mind. You see, if I would do a flashback into my growing up years, I would realise that I was not always an excited child. Not in a bad way… I never had a sad life, I never will as the Lord God liveth. The point is, my face did not express a glow of excitement when I was younger.
In simple words…the expressive channel for joy, excitement, happiness and pure laughter was disconnected. My default facial expression was either too serious or almost sad.

“Laugh and live.”- Blessing Okoro

Then one day, I stumbled upon a book that talked about ‘learning how to laugh‘. I was like, ‘oh really‘ 😳 it felt unreal… I always thought if your ‘temperament’ did not encourage laughter, you should just go on that way 😂
And then, I began laughing… At the slightest shine of humour. Matter of fact, I stayed in front of the mirror to change the placement of my lips from a frown to a smile. 🙌👏 It became a necessity to laugh every single day. 

“Humour protects us from stress.”- Anonymous #BlessingShares 

What stress? The stress we create for ourselves when we do not live in the excitement that God has given us. To have life in itself is a potent reason to find humour in every single day. 
Now that I’m slightly older *glory to God*, I’m forever a happy youth. I could laugh all year and still have a storehouse of humour in place for the so-called gloomy days. I’ve laughed to the point of crying and cried to the point of laughing. 


Why? Because the so-called gloomy days will come, so live everyday with a laughter magnet. When you find that glow of humour in those gloomy days, it will attract a burst of heartfelt laughter- this will heal you and cast out every trace of gloom.

Therefore, why did I learn to laugh? I did by reason of this realisation- life cannot beat you down when you’re laughing in its face! 

On blending in:

We were never created to blend in anyway- we were created to stand out to the glory of God. 

Take that with you and laugh some more….


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2 thoughts on “Laughing 

  1. Rosemary Okoro says:

    Wow! What a masterpiece. Very inspiring and thoughtful. I really love your posts. God bless and give you more grace. Amen.

    Thanks and kind regards, Rosemary Okoro.

    Liked by 1 person

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