To love or Yes!

On the subject of love, it is a task to pinpoint where to start from.

Matter of fact, I really do not talk a whole lot on the subject of relationships…there is a special calling and grace for the subject (hehe). You see, I know some relationship coaches among my network and I am super proud of them.

I, along my part have remained an advocate of ‘dream actualization’. Although today, I will write on the topic of love- this was triggered from this awesome reading I just completed from the book- ‘the five love languages’.

Oh…that was an eye-opener. I always thought the expression of love to be pretty basic, until I got to understand the ‘way of love’.

Yes! Love is a simple word and it remains a basic constituent of human existence. Although, it is more than that. Love is intentional…this bring about the need to ‘learn how to love’.


How? You may ask…

By having a knowledge of the love languages of your loved ones and the ‘beautiful people’ in your life and speaking their love languages.

The tip on the above statement goes thus: there would be the need to practice the love languages of your loved ones, until you eventually speak them fluently. Also, it is imperative to learn how to offer priority to speaking the primary love language of your loved ones.

Here we go…The epic ‘5 love languages’:

  1. Physical Touch
  2. Acts of service
  3. Quality time
  4. Words of affirmation
  5. Receiving gifts


Getting started….This post is a challenge to get every awesome person reading started on the learning the ‘how’ of love. Visit 5lovelanguages to learn more *dancing*.

In conclusion, I never forget that God is love…and we must continually rely on His grace and pray always for the grace to love and yes! To love some more. Amen.


I know of a truth that our relationships (marriages, families, friendships and so on) would become most vibrant when we learn to love each other the way we need to be loved.

Matter of fact, these truths on learning the five love languages will go on to heal a lot of broken relationships I know of (and those I cannot even imagine).

I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that we would receive the grace to apply ourselves to love and be loved, while saying an intentional yes to love! 


16 thoughts on “To love or Yes!

    • oyide says:

      Amazing! I can imagine how excited you are 🙂
      Which of the editions are you reading? I read a bit of the book for ‘singles’ and then I fully read the one for the married – ‘husbands’ in particular (strange right?) *haha*

      Liked by 1 person

      • fortunate23 says:

        Yeah am so excited!!! It’s a good 1. Am reading the ‘married’ edition, both Husbands and Wives. Haha strange but interesting that u read only the husbands’ version of the book. Would love to read the ‘singles’ edition as well coz it’s where iam at the moment. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • oyide says:

        Great! That’s awesome. Hahahahaha… I can imagine. After reading the version for the ‘husbands’, I could relate for the wives too. I will definitely grab the ‘wives’ edition soon enough and will finish reading the ‘singles’ edition by God’s grace.
        That’s the stage I’m in too. Thank God for great books like ‘the five love languages’.
        God bless you for commenting 🙂 You should totally grab the copy of the ‘singles’ version *it’s interesting*

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Light Ministry Blog says:

    Some very good observations in this one. Love is, or can be, complicated. Even though each relationship is different, all have some similarities in how they work effectively. The more one knows about “love languages” and such, the better!


    Liked by 1 person

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