The lazy state…

Permit me to write about it

Perhaps it would leave when I’m done

It started suddenly…

To say it was shocking

Would be an understatement of the issue

The result of this reality… 

Has become very worrisome

Been trying for days to snap out of it

Is it just me… 

Feeling this wave of ‘laid-back’

With total awareness of the outcome

As if that is not enough…

Been on a paragraph for days

It seems the activities never end

To think about the irony… 

Having a mix of exhaustion in lazy state

It may be that I embraced the LAZIness.

Poet’s Note:

Now that you have admitted the lazy state, can you kindly get back to the writing spree!” 

Thank you! Thank you! 


Image source(s)- Google images

 Copyright 2016 

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