Yay! That word ‘Stillness‘ brings the Chorus of a hymn I love so much to mind. It goes this way…

“Blessed quietness

Holy quietness

What assurance in my soul

On the stormy sea

He speaks peace to me

How the billows seize to roll.”


Extracts from the testimony…

‘During my previous trip, the weather was pretty turbulent. You see, I don’t remember the last time the plane I was in experienced some turbulence (it was literally dancing at certain intervals).

Everyone had prayed for my trip, I also prayed again before the plane took off. I planned to continue reading a Christian relationship book and so I set out with a Chapter.

The first time the plane danced, my heart skipped. I proceeded to make confessions…among other confessions I decreed ‘Peace be still‘.


The plane calmed down…or so I believe. You know, I didn’t notice anymore when the plane danced again at least twice. In spiritual terms, God stilled the turbulence.

Where was this turbulence?

In my mind…Yes, the wave of fear that erupted the first time the plane was unstable was a storm raging in my heart. 

First lesson: The Scriptures are beyond true…1 John 4:18c reads ‘fear hath torment‘. The moment I became afraid by reason of the dancing plane, that was the moment the storm started ranging on the inside of me. 

You ask, ‘what about the clouds the plane had to pass through?’That’s simply nature, it became a turbulence because man saw it as such.

Wait for it…the plane calmed down after the decree and might have danced again at least two times after that. 

You get to say, is the Word of God not powerful to still the plane?

Hear an answer…

Second lesson: It was not the plane that needed stillness, it was my raging heart in the midst of the so-called turbulence. So, God went on to cause His peace to reign over my mind in order to cast out every fear and still the storm that the fear had caused.

You see, I did not feel that wave of fear anymore, neither did I notice the dancing experience of the plane all through the rest of the flight.

‘Did the journey get smooth?’ No, matter of fact, the landing was the most dramatic. 

This leads us to a…

Third lesson: I had peace from the moment of the decree all through the rest of the journey. I caught a glimpse of how Jesus Christ could had been asleep on that day while the disciples panicked during the sea storm and had to ask in Mark 4:38 ‘Master, careth thou not that we perish?’ 

All they needed was some stillness inspite of the weather…for the storm was raging through their minds because of the fear.

Jesus Christ had to ask after bringing the weather back to the ‘usual’ state, ‘Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?’ (Mark 4:40)

Now He was calling them to peace. God’s peace. He is doing the same for us today (For we are this day followers of Jesus Christ). Amen!

A personal lesson: I am grateful to God for the turbulence…Matter of fact, did I mention that I never stopped reading the Chapter of that book throughout the trip? Oh…hehehe, I read it during the so called turbulence to the point that I had a great quiet time with God from which I received private instructions

Glory to God! It’s simply the ‘stillness‘ that only the peace of God can bring.

Oh, did not the Bible say through the Psalmist…

“Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”- Psalm 46:10

Thank you Lord for Your Stillness. Amen!

Signing out…

“I know you have testimonies of God’s intervention. Do share your testimonies as you go along in life.”

God bless you. 

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