Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment- Ecclesiastes 9:8

This Scripture came to me this day from an outfit experience. You see, I wore a strictly white outfit to Church and God spoke to me through it on my way home.

The Holy Spirit must have been watching me…He noticed the care I put into ensuring the outfit didn’t get stained. I pretty much stayed clear of the water on the pathway (it’s the rainy season), I used the right means of transiting and took care to ensure I didn’t brush my garment against any dirty object.

Then I received instruction. He said and I paraphrase now…The way you are taking caution to ensure that your outfit doesn’t get stained is the same manner you should do with your spiritual life. You should ensure your spiritual garment remains white. 

Emphasis on ‘caution’ and ‘remains’. I didn’t step out with only the convinction that my outfit would remain white, I took extra care to ensure I stayed clear of things that can get the outfit stained.

There you have it!

We shouldn’t live a careless Christian life, feeling that salvation alone is the guarantee of a sinless life, we must remain in a daily cleansing all along out Christian walk and take the grace of God to desist from all appearances of evil.

Thank you Holy Spirit…The Bible says, abstain from all appearance of evil. He didn’t walk into it and I would bring you out stronger! It also goes to say ‘thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God’.

Imagine if I had walked so close to the pooled pathway and some car had splashed water on me? Classic case of ‘mbok…outfit ruined!’

Wouldn’t it be better then to walk with the Lord based on His Word than to have a ruined Christian garment?

You may not even have the time and place to repent…Remember, we are in the closing days of time (time no longer!)

If you are not yet in Christ, press in until you enter in. If you are already in Christ, remain under the Token and be perfected by the Holy Spirit.

The White outfit?

Yes…about the outfit, you can check it out on Instagram @blessingshares  (I’m #BlessingShares all the way) 💯😃🙏🙌👏💕
Have a blessed week people! I pray that our garments be always white and heads lack no ointment. 



6 thoughts on “White 

  1. Rosemary J Okoro says:

    Wow! I love this piece. You have said it all. The need for us to keep our garments clean always. God help us to watch always and see that we do just that. For without holiness no one shall see God………Hmmmmmm! I sure want to see my Lord. So it is with every child of God. So we must watch and pray always. The Lord bless you my dear for keeping us in remembrance of these things. More grace!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • oyide says:

      Amen! Amen! I’m so grateful to God for His instructions per time. He never leaves us alone. All glory to His Name.
      Thank you so much Ma for the anointed words. God bless you Ma.


  2. Rosemary Okoro says:

    Beautiful piece of write-up! We need to keep our garments white if we must see him for without holiness no man shall see God. Amen.

    Thanks and kind regards, Rosemary Okoro.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Esther says:

    May God help us to earnestly contend. We get so carried away and distracted that we sometimes forget. Lord have mercy on your own. Beautiful piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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