On this day, I will put up this post as a ‘Blogger’ and not as a ‘Writer’ 🙂

Happy new month and welcome to the second quarter in the year 2016 *dancing* It’s amazing the testimonies we received from the first quarter *glory to God*

This blog has a testimony to share 😀 The comments, I tell you: the comments have been epic! I’m here scrolling through the posts and I can hardly see any post that didn’t go down with at least four comments *wow*

You see, I remember the days when I used to blog for free *haha*…without the certainty that anyone was reading except me *oh, I love reading my blog posts btw*

But lately, it seems everyone has joined in on this ‘living’ journey. For this I’m grateful to God, to my Mother for the encouragement I got in my invisible blogging days and to the great minds following this awesome blog *you are blessed*

I am particularly grateful to the Bloggers I have met along the way…yes! That derive joy in liking my post and commenting over and over again *you guys are the best* I’m counting down to my ‘Bloggers Appreciation Day’ *clapping*

You see, I may pretty much reply the comments that come in at a later date, but trust me, I see your comments; I reply them ‘mentally’ about five times…I finally reply *haha* and most times I trail you into dropping another comment *lips sealed* 🙂 That’s because I enjoy your feedbacks *covers face*

You see, whoever said blogging was easy, couldn’t have quoted a fact! It’s a journey of highs and lows….which can only be travelled on the path of grace *God’s grace* and in the company of great minds you meet along the way.

Great minds I have in form of friends that were there before it all began and that still refer to my journey…on this day, a big ‘God bless you’ to Chiamaka Chukwuma 🙂 *Awwww, name change on fleek* I said ‘Okebalama’ in my head* 🙂
The talented Gbenga Ladipo of ‘@stiksphoto’ on instagram…thank you for all the posters and for believing in the #BosHangout dream 🙂
To my recent ‘amala partner’ The talented Ibironke Samuel of ‘SanBRNKS Magazine’ (scroll down the blog to grab your copy!)
To the inspired followers of the #BlessingShares brand on the Facebook, Twitter and instagram pages *I see you all* It’s totally humbling the responses we get from you all *thank you so much!* I will say, it’s good to know you all 🙂

To my family *awwww…you know you can’t escape this* 🙂 Thank you to my parents and siblings…for all the days you realise that I blog and are like ‘wow, that’s really great…may God give you more grace…and on and on’ 🙂 Particularly to my siblings, all the days I guilt-trip you guys to comment *hahaha* Thank you! And to my Mum (the epic day she found my blog…it was amazing how she has been following every post since that day 🙂

And to Blessing Okoro *haha* For putting up with my lazy blogging days (that’s apart from the fact that it took a lot of push before she started blogging in 2013) Thank you for continually writing the posts et al 🙂

And again, I must say…all of these and more have come by the grace of God. Again, all the glory must be to the Lord for the comments and the blogging journey so far *Thank you Lord!*

Oh…thank you for following this awesome blog!

We will like to hear from you 🙂 How has this blog blessed you so far?

To greater comment days ahead *clapping*

Remember, this second quarter of the year…


Be Happy!

44 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Chiamaka Chukwuma says:

    Awwn sweetie you are the one who deserves the applause. These few great years we especially I, have been inspired by your writings. They give spiritual, educational, entrepreneurial and daily motivation. I’m proud to know you…. soon we ll all adjust to the new name jare and change your own 💃💃 hehehehe…. much love muah

    Liked by 1 person

    • oyide says:

      Hahahaha…Yes! *she’s back* 🙂

      Thank you so much for following this awesome blog these ‘few great years’ 😀

      Awwww…I’m glad the writings have been a blessing to you *hugs*

      Yes ke…we will all get used to the name change soon.

      Amen to my name change too. Hallelujah Sister *Preach on it!* 🙂

      Thank you dear. God bless you real good. Amen 😀


  2. Chanel Bailey says:

    I have been blessed by you blog for sure! Full of wisdom and inspired by the most high! Keep hearing from his spirit what to share and do t give up! If it’s not but one whose life you have impacted (I know it’s much more than that!) you were destined to be here! Continued blessings to you my dear!👏🏽👏🏾👏

    Liked by 2 people

    • oyide says:

      Awwww….This is so touching.

      Thank you so much. I’m grateful to God for this ‘word-based’ comment.

      God bless you so much 😃💯

      We won’t give up by the grace of God…we will always press on by God’s grace.

      Thanks again for sharing a word. Have a blessed week. Amen 🙏🙌😃👐

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  3. Bassey Etim says:

    hahahaha……I dropped my comment, lol. Really nice meeting you. Looking forward to more of this excitement filled and lovely blog posts.

    And thanks for the visit! Really appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Immanuel says:

    Today that you had blogger cap on is as epic as when you had your writer cap on join. is there any way you can combine the two? Hehehe. You have really come a long way and I enjoy reading your write up even though like you “i have comment on your post like 7 itmes in my head, Lol”.

    PS: I have the right to be angry, sad, delusional about what happened recently to my blog where i lost all my readers it is been not good but all the same I thank God. I cant complain na, HEHEHE

    Liked by 1 person

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