I don’t remember the last time I was literally bored…in recent years, the state has occurred in more advanced forms. I have been bored while working, bored while reading, bored while studying, but never bored while writing 🙂

When doing work becomes fun that is totally what you are made for! It is not rocket science, you either like it or you don’t. This moment brings to mind the line of a Song my Father plays all the time while we’re driving to Church…I know it’s titled ‘Eagle Man’ by Panam Percy Paul. I might have to rephrase it, coz right now, I have a lot of the lyrics from that album- ‘Destiny’ in my head *haha*….It basically says that which you struggle to do is not what you were born to do; it went further to say *this line I can quote*

“Successful people do consistently that which they were born to do.”

– Panam Percy Paul.

Awwww…that song is beautiful! J It will lead me to the rest of this write-up…Amen! That which I get bored doing, cannot be what I was born to do. In Basic English, there is a thin line between work and fun, between stress and boredom. It is way easier to do tirelessly that which is fun for you…you might fail at it countless time, but the desire to do it again will always be there….It transcends the course of ‘learning’ into the realm of ‘living’.

“I am successful today and every other day.”

– Blessing Okoro

In my world, I never get bored while living my talents and achieving my dreams. And no, my talent is not ‘going to School and getting good grades’ nor ‘working hard in a reputable Organization’…at all! My talent is my escape route in days when ‘boredom’ knocks. My talent(s) is reflected in the poems I write, in the write-ups I create, in the events I enjoy, in the inspiration I attain, in the dreams I live out per time…

I might have worked myself to boredom greater than I have lived my talents in the past years *coz a day ago has passed with the years*, but that does not make me less successful. Matter of fact, it has everything to do with my success story. It shows persistence, resilience and passion to live your talent even though encapsulated with the defeat of distractions.

Good distractions…you see, when was the last time a distraction was not attractive? Hmmmm. Whatever has prevented me from doing consistently that which I was born to do is a distraction, and I’m getting out of the bored state….Slowly but surely!

And I’m done being bored! 🙂



Be happy! Share your experiences of ‘boredom’ by dropping a comment below 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Boredom!

  1. Chanel Bailey says:

    As of latest I am not bored just anxious!! But I know that I should not be because my time is just around the corner. However I recall countless days and hours sitting at my last job that I had not an ounce of passion for completely bored to near insanity!!! Spent 7 months in that role before God removed me and how thankful I am!! I so agree that this post is relate-able for sure!

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    • oyide says:

      Awwww…This is comforting. It is great to have those that have gone through some moments you may be living out…particularly when they share their victories.
      7 is perfection 🙂 I’m glad you came out stronger. I will too by God’s grace.
      Whenever you feel anxious, remember Philippians 4:6-7 🙂 A divine antidote.
      May God grant you long life and greater victories ahead in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
      God bless you for stopping by.

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