So, the final day in the month of January 2016 is here....Glory to God!!! In between Thanksgiving and studying Messages, the Holy Spirit gave me this Hymn *smiling* BAPTIZED INTO THE BODY Have you been baptized into the Body? Baptized with the Holy Ghost; There is but one way to enter in it, Just as … Continue reading THE SAVIOUR’S BRIDE


"If you work on it long enough, you will create a great brand." #BlessingShares Yay! So I definitely know I need to upgrade my blog soon enough and roll out a new strategy...although this moment, I am so grateful that I must bask in these years of little beginnings. *clapping* This gratitude was triggered by the … Continue reading Awards!!!


A room, an empty room  Gives one enough thinking space A hurt, an inexplicable hurt Takes away strength for life's race A wish, a recurring wish Brings a desire for more grace A prayer, a ceaseless prayer Permits you to almost touch His Face A season, a tiring season Causes a crave for a faster … Continue reading SOLACE