Spark of Love

When you are in love, you don’t have to say it

It just overtakes you from within  

It is beautiful.
You will want nothing else but to make the person happy

And whether you are trying or not, the person will reciprocate

It is just natural.
People shouldn’t only pray to find a husband or a wife

They should actually pray to fall in love

It is simply amazing.
When I watch movies…I know the people in love

You don’t have to say it to convince yourself

It is inevitable.
It comes from within to the outside

Every single thing the person does is special

It is a miracle.
No, you shouldn’t snap out of it

Yes, it should grow from being infatuation

Really, you won’t want to be without that spark of love

It makes it all worthwhile.

In this Season:

For God so loved the world, that (the spark of love) grew from just mere words to acting on His love and sending Jesus to die for our sins. 

Let us reciprocate that love to God this season and beyond! And while we are at it, sharing in the miracle of God’s love, do remember to show love to everyone around you.

Be blessed! 


Written by @blessingshares

Image source: Google images 

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