While Dreaming…


They told us to dream

So I wrote these words for you

While dreaming in bits

The vision appears to some

In the mix of activities

Reality takes on a blur

At night in stillness

There are open doors

Of sights attainable 

A view of better dreams

When you wake up

Start running with shades

All these were said

But none was understood

The few with dreams

Call it the soul’s food

This is the prompting

For great minds

Which we all are

God’s special kind

Go on with openness

Unleash the ability 

To see everyday

In a futuristic way

The mind knew 

What the head received

To not dream

Is to be deceived

It is not rocket science

This is a way of living 

Having better dreams

Gives one understanding 

And while dreaming

Believe in the end

To attain greatly

Dream on my friend!


Written by: @blessingshares 

Image Source: Google images 

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