ChowHub is an online food discovery and ordering service that connects you to new and existing food outlets (restaurants, lounges, cafes, pizza shops, confectionaries, shawarma spots, bukas etc.) within and outside your neighbourhood.
You need not worry about a few things like where to find your favourite dish, the best sit out for your cool evenings, how much to spend in that fabulous restaurant downtown, being scared of trying something new or not sure where to go because you are new in town. All you need do is visit our website and with a few clicks your questions are answered.
We launched our beta product (version 1.0) recently which is a discovery platform, more like a directory for food but deeper in the sense that it not only shows you the location of a restaurant, it presents to you more information about that restaurant. On the platform, we have 30 food outlets in 6 locations within Abuja. We have on the platform, 22 different cuisine types being sold by the 30 food outlets. We are working hard to sign up more food outlets as our vision is ‘to be the leading and default online food discovery and ordering platform in every major city in Africa’ and to achieve this we plan to have a robust database of food outlets in every city we find ourselves.
The online ordering feature will be introduced soon enough. This will give our esteemed users the avenue to order food from our website on the go, in their offices, at home etc and get the food delivered to them pronto. No stories.
We welcome you all to this emerging community of food lovers.
Twitter, Instagram and FB: ChowHubHQ
Chowhub main_logo red_bg
Review Brief:
This is an awesome brand review by Dayo Koleowo (@natekoleowo), Co-founder/CEO of ChowHub Technologies Limited.
This awesome food hub was founded in 2015 by Dayo, Dara and Abiodun and it is headquartered in Abuja.
Enjoy the Chow!

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