I was awake, very much awake, but you see the moment I told my brain I needed to write, it began processing the ‘sleep’. No, seriously, I legit became dizzy. Ahhhh ahhhh, I fought to write these first lines…

 The question today is: are you sleeping awake or awake sleeping? 

In areas of life- physically, spiritually, financially, career-wise, relationship-wise, et al…Are you consciously ‘performing‘ or forcefully ‘faffing‘ through life? 


I would pick the spiritual aspect…You see a line to a song sang so well by Black Americans goes thus, ‘The devil thought he had me, but thank you Jesus…’ 🎤🎼🎧🎶

I bet you felt like you caught the Holy Ghost in the middle of those lines 👐😂💯…Although stay with me for a while. You see there is a lot of veracity in that song, the devil could have taken us for a ride, coz we were ‘awake sleeping‘ on this spiritual race!  

But the great news today is what?- ‘God stepped in!’ If we had to fight all our battles ourselves, both in the physical and spiritual…We would have been long exhausted 💆 God steps in by taking our little efforts of praying, fasting, studying the Word, et al, and magnifying it into ‘victory in the end.’

 So, when the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, ‘Pray without ceasing.’ I promise you, this is not a cliche. There are Christians ‘sleeping awake‘ and those that stay ‘awake sleeping‘. In simple English, those fervent in prayer and those slacking in prayer, as the case may be. 

The great thing is, I can’t even judge myself, lest another…Since the day I met this scripture, I said this can’t be rocket science, it has to be of Grace. And, this Grace led me to stumble on a book that spelt it out.

Simply put, relate your prayer during moments of activities to the activity at hand (without ceasing). ‘Yes, we can be busy for years!’ 

So, in days when I’m taking a walk, I’m thanking God in prayer for the ability to do so (You know thanksgiving is a type of Prayer, right?)…In moments I’m working on a PowerPoint presentation, I’m praying for beauty in my life (I personally love the final beauty of presentation slides)…Interestingly, the book recorded that in days when you do chores, pray that things are getting perfected for you (in the spirit of ‘getting cleaned’) and on and on.

I know we have great minds reading this point…Like I said, it is not rocket science, it is of Grace (God’s grace). Yea, you are meant to go through life as one ‘sleeping awake‘…pretty much in a stress less way, as someone that doesn’t get used up by circumstances, as Kings and as Priests. Amen 👐

Therefore, we must remember to focus on staying awake, in all areas of life at this point. You see, the best kind of impact is made when we concentrate on the ‘awake’ aspect of life! 

Pretty much, how I fought sleep to write this exceptional post. I feel fulfilled, I feel happy and I feel grateful…I bet you never hesperedit! 😂😅😜

Remain on the ‘awake’ side of life People! 👏💯💃

…At every point in time:

Keep in remembrance– ‘It is not over until you win’. In between the post, I remembered this old classic that speaks to the caption ‘victory in the end

Trust me, you would understand when you relate the posts…Drop a comment if you need me to spell it out.

Wait a minute, please drop ideas that explain the question of the dayAre you sleeping awake or awake sleeping? 

Enjoy the rest of the ‘Wake’ 🙋

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