Today, we gratefully commence our ‘Appreciation Series’ from the platform of #BlessingShares.

A write-up would be done on this concept subsequently…But for this moment, I know this awesome ‘Ministerial’ interview would speak for itself.

Our Guest is a great mind in Ministry. 👏 This is a very humble way of describing him. I was privileged to meet him in 2014 and I can categorically say he is one of the seemingly ‘few’ young people I know that is unashamed and totally ‘sold out’ to God’s call upon his life.

And now…Let the length of this divine Interview minister to you 👐🙋

Can we meet you, please? (About you)

😃 My name is ABEL Praise. I am fondly called MrThinkSMART *winks*,
maybe because I think smart *lol*. I am young and crazily in love with
Jesus Christ, and I love to minister the gospel of His Kingdom as He
has given me the grace to do so. I am the second son in a family with
three boys… Errrrrm, wondering if there’s more to say (thinking
smart). Well, those are the basics joor.


When did you receive the ministry committed to you? (The Call)

The call! Like many of us, I grew up in a Christian home, grew up
doing the normal Christian routine of devotions, going to church
services and all that, and I think I enjoyed it that way. I ran away
from every possible commitment whatsoever, like joining a department
*covers face*. It was that bad that I never joined a fellowship in the
University. But Mehn, I had this crazy love for God, I so loved to
worship deeply that missing the worship sessions in Church services
was like missing the service. This went on for a while, till I
graduated from the University, worked as a Strategist in an Ideas
Strategy and Management firm in Lagos for a while, and in mid-2012, I
resigned to pursue a vision I had been nurturing for a while.
As I began to take practical steps in establishing this new vision, in
a space of 4 months, between (Dec 1, 2012 and March 27, 2013), The
Lord sent five (5) people into my life, all of them spoke about the
same thing – The Lords call and how He is now preparing me for the
greatness of the call [His purpose] for my life. In response, I
wondered and asked The Lord, Lord what will you have me do that you
will send 5 people to me in a space of 4 months? This baffled me. At
that point, I was in Abeokuta for a season, and I never stopped
wondering, Lord why? Through the period of these words, I began to
have serious visitations, experiences and confirmations from The Lord
in confounding ways. Permit me to share one of them.

I was in Abeokuta, I think sometime between April/May 2013, I was
preparing to do something in Abeokuta, and then dash off to Lagos that
morning. While dressing up in my room, just as I was about to put on
my trousers, I heard a loud voice, so audible say to me, “Put down
your trousers”, I attempted to take the trousers again, but then I
heard the voice again, then in my heart I said, Okay. Then I heard the
voice speak. The voice said, “I am sending you to the seven continents
to heal the minds of men” and I was like, okay, but how do you want me
to do this, how? The voice replied saying, “Start with the man you’ll
meet in the bus today”. I said okay, then I felt the release to dress
up. Few minutes later, I got out of my apartment, did what I planned
to do in Abeokuta, soon it was time for me to head to Lagos, and for a
moment I thought, which of the parks do I go to get a cab heading to
Lagos? Then I remembered that experience, I heard the voice say,
“Start with the man you will meet in the bus”. Immediately, I said in
my heart, well, wherever I go to, the man will come and meet me there.

In few minutes, I had my mind made up already on where to take a cab
from. As soon as I got to the park, I got into the cab, and funny
enough, a man was sitting just next to the seat I was given, and the
most amazing thing is, He was reading a Christian literature, with His
Bible beside, studying and taking notes. My initial response was, I
smiled within, but then I wondered, will I be the one to teach this
guy, or will he be the one to teach me? As soon as the bus started
moving, I felt impressed to ask him for the name of the book he was
reading; as soon as I did that, it was as though that question
unlocked something, the guy started sharing things with me, he was
sharing scriptural truths. While I listened and enjoyed the flow,
after a while of sharing with me, I had this very strong auction on me
to share some things with him, and as soon as I did that, he was
listening and writing all through the journey, and while I was
leaving, The Lord gave me a strong prophetic word for him and that

After that, I have had countless experiences, angelic visitations,
unusual demonstration of God’s power and presence, and the process to
my perfecting continues. *Smiles*

What has your ministry focused on so far? (The journey)
So far, we have focused on Teachings, Conferences, Meetings, Campus
Outreaches centered around unveiling God’s Kingdom to as many as He
has brought our way. Our Lord Jesus Christ made a profound statement
when speaking about the last days in Matt 24:14; He said; “And this
gospel of ‘THE KINGDOM’ shall be preached as a witness to all
nations…” The emphasis is the Gospel of The Kingdom. This is what
The Lord is stirring up in these days and calling His bride to be
awakened to the truth of His Kingdom, this we have focused on.


Tell us about your life as an Author (The how, when and why)
My life as an Author *rolls eyes*. Writing is one thing I have
limitless grace for. Besides speaking, writing is a critical skill and
tool that is used to shapen destinies. I have written couple of books,
but only published two, and the two of them are eBooks [The first is
The Outpouring, and the second is Engaging The Scrolls Of Your

I have been taught by The Lord to write within the context of His
will, not just because I have information, but because that
information is needed at the moment He instructs me to write. So the
how, when and why of my life as an Author is simply me expressing the
present will of God as He reveals to me in words that people can
engage, receive and be blessed. (Smiles)

Give a slight review of your recent book- (title, et al)
Oh! The amazing book, ‘Engaging the Scrolls of Your Destiny’ *winks*.
The book, like one of the readers said, “it’s a must book for everyone
who loves God”. The book helps people discern the present season we
are entering as it affects the character of destinies that will be
emerging in this generation, and how we as a people can effectively
engage the truth of God’s purposes for our lives and have that
dominion mandate in us activated. The book isn’t what someone tells
you about, it’s a book you’ve got to read for yourself *winks*

Who are your Mentors in Ministry? (Ministerial Family)
I have a wonderful Mentor in the person of David Edwards, and others
that have shaped my life include Ian Clayton (New Zealand), Jeff
Jansen, Ernest Paul (Centreport Apostolic Christian Center), amongst

What would you say about Christianity in these last days? (End-time belief)
Well, the foundational issue isn’t the symptoms of divisions we see
everywhere, the issue is most people have slipped away from the
foundational truth; who The Lord Jesus Christ is to us and are now
building our beliefs on the perceptions of others. If we all throw our
perceptions that have been colored by other people’s perceptions and
seek to see The Lord Jesus Christ through the Spirit of Truth, we will
all get back on the same page.

Now a personal question…Do you plan on getting married while you are

still young and how close are you? (‘The Blessing Okoro’s show
*Hehehehehehe* Of course, I plan on getting married while I’m still
young, and Mehn, it’s sooooo soon *lol*. Indeed, no man knows the
hour, nor the day, not even the interviewer or the interviewee, but as
it is written, ‘Watch, lest you be taken unawares’ *loooool*Thank you so much for the interview. I am delighted to share a bit of
my life with the world through your platform.

You’re Welcome! God bless you *clapping*

Meet him on the Social communities:

Twitter- @MrThinkSMART

Facebook- Mrthinksmart 

Bbm– 7C22D445


This interview focuses on ‘Youth in Ministry’. Do you have a call from God upon your life? 
Be encouraged to answer that call this day. The exciting revelation is, ‘You are not alone.’

For Prayer requests and direct questions do drop a comment below. 
Have a blessed week People 👐 



    • oyide says:

      It was awesome having this interview with you, Abel. Thank you so much for your sincere and divine responses. This is indeed Ministry! God bless you. Greater grace in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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