In order to understand the tears of the older women,
You must know it is a reflection of the unseen tears of our girls.
To leave the location of over two hundred girls unaccounted for,
You must realise this is beyond a threat to the nation’s security.
For there to be a trend of protests for the return of our girls,
You must understand that they took a part of us away to a place unsafe.
To know that it is a year since their abduction,
You must infer that time no longer for much talking and blame-passing.
We say bring back our girls and you ask us why,
You must deduce that all our girls need is their human rights to decent living.
To think that the days might keep ticking with unanswered questions,
You must gather that the protests we make come from bleeding hearts.
We beg you to please bring back our girls alive,
You must conclude that it will restore among other things ‘our national SANITY‘.
…Please say a Prayer for our girls.

One thought on “Chibok 

  1. oyide says:

    I wrote this Poem in 2014 and never believed that it would be used in 2015…We prayed our girls would be back by now.
    In days like these, we keep praying and keeping in remembrance that our girls deserve a better fate.
    Keep saying a Prayer for our girls #NeverToBeForgotten


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