Stock Keeping

“May our ideas never go out of style.”- Blessing Okoro

While the clock ticked away
I looked through the chapters of my mind
They say ideas could be pages 
Rehearsed in the mind of the dreamer
Oh, maybe I just formed those lines 
From this stock keeping process
It may not be easy to conclude 
The achievement of goals and timelines
You see, I realise constantly 
The need to keep the mind’s window open 
To ideas that one would look back on

With an overwhelming thought of inspiration 

Make the achievement of your goals creative by opening up your mind to modified ideas at various phases of your life.
I was watching Oprah’s Master Class the other day and Robin Roberts (Good Morning America anchor and Peabody Award recipient) spoke of her love for Tennis and how she wanted to be a Player at the Wimbledon. The great thing is she got there, although not as a Tennis Player but as a Sport Journalist.

Final note: 

The cool lesson is this- make the attainment of your goals creative. It must not happen exactly how you figured it out in the first place, be flexible with your goals and watch yourself live your dreams creatively.
I believe a perfect way to do this is by keeping stock of your ideas constantly as you go on. What better way to stay creative than by modifying ‘old’ ideas to fit into current goal situations.
Go on living your dreams creatively via constant stock keeping 👏

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