21 Again! 

There is something about the age 21…Still trying to figure it out. Heard a line last week, ‘here we do not try…Trying is not enough.’ Hmmmm…in my world, trying has never killed anyone, we get better coz we tried! Amen.

Those that tried to be 21 again are definitely sweethearts (in a awwwwing way) You see, there is some transitory fun that comes with the age…It ends the teenage leverages and starts off the youthful responsibilities.
The ‘trap’ is…In between the excitement, you forget to ask ‘Why did I turn 21?’ Pretty much, that’s the way God wants it to be! 👐 and it is about time you grew into becoming more of a woman (this is not sexism, I promise) 😂
Owing to the fact that I’m a girl, permit me to write for the females today…Being 21 again (whatever the age did to you) can happen over and over again. It first starts with the decisions you make in between the excitement of the age, down through the resolution to remain youthful.
Yes youthful! Being 21 could be the most youthful age…And coz you literally cannot be 21 again (let it sink slowly), learn to remain in the excitement of the age.
Oh well, I have never seen anyone who wasn’t excited being 21 (admist the ‘trap’ that comes with it)…So the Prayer today is…May the excitement of the age  keep you 21 always! Amen.

Now, I might just have gone on and on with this post…But since girls are permitted to be coy, I didn’t fully spell out the ‘traps’ of being 21 😂
Girls in the house…take on the discussion…what are the likely ‘traps’ of the age 21?
Traps…in a good way definitely 🙋💁
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Blessing Okoro

2 thoughts on “21 Again! 

  1. queen says:

    Gosh blessing I’ve so missed you. … One trap of dis age is d transition itself🌱 weight watching 👙 fashion💅💇👠career building 📚📆business plans 💼💷and love tots😍💭. U begin ur beautiful career while enjoying ur freedom💏👰and even when u have started that career or business u always kind of feel like you are just beginning and not ready to settle down 😞 but as long as u don’t bring that husband home the pressures are new every morning 😩… and then d fear of getting trapped keeps u trapped

    Liked by 1 person

    • oyide says:

      Hahaha…tell me about it…My God. Word! Word! Word! First things first, missed you too *hugs*
      The career transition is very glaring at this age…And the new every morning drama of ‘who is that boy?’ tale and how you must get married on time 😂
      Before I blank out, I know there is the part of ‘keeping your relationship goals straight’- leaving the relaxed days and making prayerful decisions 👐
      Oh yes…Thank you for the business plans and starting early part- that moment when you realise you have become a woman that will leave her footprints on the sands of time 👏
      And on and on…💆🙋
      The Lord is our strength…Amen!


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