The Market Place of Life


If you are experiencing a Writer’s block, just write. It could be by 4am in the Morning or 4pm at evening. If your writing style has changed over time and you miss the old write-ups, just do a nostalgic piece. It could be once or more than one time.

In the market place of life, we tend to sell all that we are to become all that we could be. I do not know what this means exactly at this point…but I guess we would find out. When busy days in particular and schedules in general ruin creativity, then you must be bargaining way below the accepted price. In days like that- it is definitely ‘not selling’.


Jack Welch said and I quote- ‘If you do not have a competitive edge, do not compete.’ My only issue with this quote is the misrepresentation we tend to derive from it. Competition is now seen as an unhealthy diet rather than a healthy one.

Your best competition should be yourself- ‘being better than who you were yesterday.’ When racing to outrun every other person on their respective race tracks…It becomes very unsuccessful. More like trying to kill a mosquito in the dark. You might only get lucky, but luck is not why we are here.

We are here to remain blessed. So, pick a struggle, do you want to sprint {100 metres et al} through life or persevere [400 metres and above] through life? Now, your competitive edge could simply be derived from your innate abilities, your network, and your passion, among others. You can compete successfully with them, because they are first found within you.


Before the humming and bussing in the marketplace of life starts to distract one, we must set out each day with our competitive edge as our unique selling point. When we do this, we are no longer buyers at the mercy of Traders, we become competition ready.

And what better way to succeed, than competing as the one who calls the cards.

Who calls the Cards?

Final note:
Your progress should be measured by how well you have outlived yourself as you go on. People are here to inspire you per time, not to make you lose a part of yourself while trying to be like them.

To strike a great bargain, you must not become a sell-out, only sell for worthwhile Profit.

Now I know what Paragraph 2, Line 1 means 👏

What do you think it means?

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Blessing Okoro

14 thoughts on “The Market Place of Life

    • oyide says:

      Hahaha…Bless you dear! I always try to comment on your awesome posts on tumblr yeah…they keep telling me to create an account first *crying* Totally love your writing style…Great job!
      Thanks for stopping by…I was legit remembering our Eco lectures when writing this post *haha*


    • oyide says:

      Great question Saro! I actually had to take a while to give a profound answer…In the market place of life, working together in a Team is very common. An individual should seek to gain a competitive edge in two ways- learning and performing. You perform when you use your strengths to improve the Team, you learn when you develop your weaknesses, in order to prevent drawbacks to the Team.
      The great thing is…Members of the Team augment each other in a number of ways, the goal should not be to outshine anyone but to play your role as a ‘Team member’ within your sphere of influence.

      Do you have a specific scenario of Teamwork, so I could give a practical example?
      I hope this first response answers your question to an extent. Thank you so much for your contribution great mind 😃👏


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