Funny, I don’t remember being offline…
But my Twitter says differently
The Planner says I have an online review due for Friday
Facebook has shown a lot of updates and notifications
Bbm friends would scream ‘Welcome back’ from a dp change.

Funny, I still don’t remember being offline…
I wish it were for a month or so
Yea, you thought right
It was for a couple of days
The backlog says otherwise though

Funny, I might not even remember being offline…
There was a kind of sanity felt
No scrolling of the gadgets for fun or inquisition
A kind of relaxation zone
Being MIA, never goes out of style 😂

Okay, maybe I remember being offline…
Because this post came
Good people were missed
I kind of lost touch with the social media flow
#MyBestVerses and #BlessingShares would now continue 💃

Now, I wouldn’t forget to remember to stay online! 👐👏


Moral of my Soliloquy:
Being offline occurs once in a while…It works out in the end. The next time you have the opportunity to be in this state…enjoy the break it brings 😃💯

Blessing Okoro

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