The little things…

Like the decision during my Service year to carry out a Community Development Project…Indeed it was worthwhile.

The dream was heavy…but the little acts within the course of the Project made it worthwhile.

I definitely had to write about this someday…It is better written in retrospect 🙂

It was a Community Library Project inspired by little potent quotes:

“Libraries are our friends.”- Neil Gaiman

The act of Partnership was embraced during the Project…this Dutse Library was renovated in Partnership with NigeriaReads and the ‘great minds of the Library’.


A blessed Team under the legacy filled name ‘Group of Patriotic Corpers’ consisted in the end of Anu Karunwi, John Odeyiola, Obehi Agbator and Blessing Okoro…(those that endured till the end) 👏


And definitely…our Community Library Mentor…Kingsley Sintim of @NigeriaReadsNGO We stood on his shoulder all through the Project and indeed saw farther 😃


“What in the world would we do without our Libraries.”- Katharine Hepburn

This little walk towards a Community Library establishment in the Dutse Alhaji Community was beyond experiential…

It made us pour our hearts to improving the access to core Library facilities…we legit participated in a Library tour #NigeriaReadsandCounts


Seeing other community Libraries was beyond inspirational…Tasha Community Library and the just concluded Kubo Community Library



“Whatever the cost of our Libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”- Walter Cronkite

Through the Strategy, Brand and Legacy periods (pre-planning, planning and post-planning phases)…the launch finally took place on the 15th of October, 2014

It was emotional really…it had been a long walk. Today is not the day to talk about half of all the hurdles we had to cross 😂


But for the seemingly little things…
The prayers from the School Authorities (Yep…the Library is located within the School premises)
The excitement and appreciation of the Children
The success of a tasking project
The donations of books and library materials
The fun during the renovation work
The back-up plans and strategy meetings
The great minds all along the way
The lessons learnt
The hope of a continuity plan…

All these…and more were the big things of the service year (that pretty much happens but once) 👐

Now this little post is just me…


Blessing Okoro

2 thoughts on “Reminisce

  1. KVA says:

    Now here is another heart lighting write-up from u.
    I can feel the passion behind this and the desire to make a mark and simultaneously make life better per opportunity that arises.

    It’s a privilege to have met u.

    Keep the fire burning my dear

    Liked by 1 person

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