This quote is not entirely a hard truth…It is essentially needed as an antidote for the disease of self- abandonment.

When you work along a Career path, you glean relevant Corporate experience, while improving your relational network…Et al.

You see, that is not my point today…My point is, I almost forgot to blog!!! Being busy is an understatement, it is more of drifting towards a state of creative exhaustion *thinking*

Exhaustion in a good way definitely *it is a new year* Inspite of having mainly work related experiences…Blog I still would 🙂

And that is how today marks two *legit 2* years of the blogging stroll and I don’t even remember how I took the path *hehe*

P.S- The hour has come for a remodelling! See you soon 😀

Oh yeah…I was demystifying the quote:

I love that quote…it brings me back every time…I would rephrase it though, coz I refuse to feel bad while gaining Corporate experience *just saying*

“Build your dreams…at every point in your life, especially while gleaning needed corporate experience.”

Back to the matter *dancing*


Thank you Lord!

Blessing Okoro

3 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. oyide says:

    Wait o…Hold up 🙋 Let me be the first to say Congratulations to this awesome blog. It pretty much has improved my outlook in life…I know that, coz I almost didn’t start blogging 😂 I’m grateful for the grace so far and greater strides ahead. Thank you Lord! 👐💯💃

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