It happened again! A perfect third edition of ‘The Hangout’💃👐✔💯

It was an awesome combination of discussions, games, fun, food, laughter- Good times, I say- good times ✔😃

Check out the flow of ‘the hangout’ in pictures…👏


I see @fred_5th discussing with @sintimkingsley- our Community Library Patriot


We had more girls in this edition!💃 Beautiful people 🙂


I’m so excited that Ellen (@grace_junkie) made it for this edition


Yay! I see Augustine and Yvonne…listening attentively for now…Wait for other pictures *haha*

Before we continue with the pictures…hear this:
The Hangout has a hot topic for each edition…This edition we had-

Hot topic: ‘Art Appreciation in Nigeria: The challenges and the way forward.’
– Follow the brilliant discussion with the hastag #boshangout to find out the awesome recommendations.


@thelexash himself- was a Boss at Charades! He started our hot topic by asking a profound question- ‘Will you pay a Photographer 350k to cover your Wedding?’ 👐👏

Yes…This was the ‘Charades’ Special edition *dancing*


Our Charades game- masters- Anu of life and Yvonne (@auditorone)


I had to put this here! Delicious fish of ‘The Suya Academy’- it is perfection (watch out for venue details) 😃

Get ready for expressions of Life from our ‘Charades’ game moment…They were epic!


@blessingshares- It’s Davido *Skelewu* 🙋😃


Chioma- It is a song! *figure it out* 😂


She is saying…It is in Nigeria! *thinking*…It is right here! *guess* 😅


Yes yes! This is Augustine again- @jayaugg- perfect Charades master- led his team to victory!💃


Anu of life asking @nnamdijuugo- ‘What did you pick?’

To every single great mind that attended…ya’ll made every single segment special! Thank you 🙂


@darakunle…a great mind- she has her own ‘Moringa’ farm- Darah Farms👏✔


Family *hugs*


Consultants of life! @airstar_me and @gstiks- our Camera magician 💯

I might not find some great minds in these pictures 😦 I sure know our picture credit goes to @gstiks- our awesome Camera Magician- he will get to the root of the MIA pictures 😀

I totally appreciate @OfficialTopaz- Event Enthusiast, Blogger, Media Expert et el and @HermitGrrl- Author, Lawyer, Poet et el :)- for making it to this edition *clapping*- ‘They will stay longer during the next editions’ 🙂

It was awesome meeting Nanbol- @9inebz, Ogechi- oge144, Lizzy- bethzero, Chioma- chioma_darah, Joy- @mz_slimbrooke, Nnaemeka- @akemeann. Awesome personalities *dancing*

It is a wrap for now people…See you at the next edition 😀

Date- September 6th, 2014🎂
Time- 3 pm prompt ✈

Venue for the delicious fish- The Suya Academy, Opposite Blake Resort, Garki 2, Abuja.

I’m out for now *takes a bow* 🙂


Blessing Okoro

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