Today we go to the ‘Fourth Level’ on the Leadership ladder!


People Development- Reproduction

“Success without a successor is failure.”- John C. Maxwell

Hear this:
A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others. A leader’s responsibility is developing others to do the work.
Now this is Mentorship!

Note the progression:
A level 2, the follower loves the leader; at level 3, the follower admires the leader; at level 4, the follower is loyal to the leader.

Check out the previous level here:


You can win people’s hearts by helping them grow personally.

A potential challenge may exist- such that people view you as a “position” leader because you have no contact with them.
Two Suggestions-
1. Walk slowly through the crowd. Have some way of keeping in touch with everyone.
2. Develop key leaders. Teach those who are influencers…They in turn pass on to others.

The Characteristics:


– Realise that people are your most valuable asset.

– Place a priority on developing people.

– Be a model for others to follow.

– Pour your leadership efforts into the top 20 percent of people.

– Expose key leaders to growth opportunities.

– Attract other winners/ producers to the common goal.

– Surround yourself with an inner core that complements your leadership.

Go on reproducing greatness around you!


Extracted from Leadership 101- John C. Maxwell

Blessing Okoro

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