The Hangout!

“Networking means the act of exchanging information with people who can help you professionally.”- Michele Jannae #boshangout

This awesome event- The Hangout held on Saturday the 5th of July 💃 It was epic! So many things to say…I will let the pictures speak 😃


Our very own Compere and charismatic Organiser of the second edition of ‘The Hangout’- Esther Okoro (@airstar_me)


We have Ike Amadi (@ikeamadi), Blessing Okoro (@blessingshares) and Esther (@airstar_me) with the great mind of ‘The Suya Academy’- Wukeh (@Wukeh)


From left-right: Fred (@Fred_5th), Soyinka (@I_am_Soyinka) and Abel (@EigegeAbel). We finally got them to take a quick shot- they were having this exclusive discussion 🙂


Great minds! I see Ese, Dalo, Gbenga, Esther, Demeji, Blessing, Anu, Ike 🙂


Haha…@ikeamadi and @airstar_me here with a fresh picture from the #boshangout 💃


Beautiful people…(L-R)- Anu, Dara (@darakunle) and Ese


Yes! We had two great minds bearing ‘Abel’ at the #boshangout Abel Eigege (@EigegeAbel) and Abel Praise (@MrThinkSmart). It was epic!


We had great Consultants in the house. I see @Fred_5th, @Kingsleyuduji and @UrNxtBestFrnd


Gbenga (@GsTiKs) got his Canadian visa from this event! All it took was a picture with Dalo 😂


Anu of life! She came earlier than everyone and she had fun with the eating, discussions, networking all the way to the end 😀



They say these people look alike 😮 Was that what ‘The Hangout’ was about…Finding your missing twin!😂


I see these awesome people- @Iyare4President, @Danoflife, @kelTheWriterAgu and @itz_chelsy


From the extreme right, I see our #bosPersonality- Kingsley Sintim (@sintimkingsley) and our Uncle of ‘The Hangout’- @Kaaseo at the back :)…I also see @sarophimia and Richard…Good to know them.


Our group picture of life!
For the networking, the eating, the intelligent talks,the gisting, the laughing and lots more…it was an epic second edition of #boshangout

And definitely! I remember @eneidaks was there💃She was excited about the ‘Twitter Desk’ segment and definitely got more followers on Twitter 😃💯👏

Our photo credit goes to our awesome camera guru (@GsTiKs) 💃👏👐💯✔


About ‘The Hangout’- #boshangout

The Hangout is an informal meet-up of a vibrant community of great minds…Hosted every first Saturday of the month.
It was created for profitable gisting :), networking, eating💃, idea development, relaxation, laughing😃 et al.
Hosted on the platform of ‘BlessingShares’- @blessingshares, organised by the vibrant @airstar_me…With every single great mind as the Co-host *yes, any person can take any segment they are interested in* 🙂

Now let the ‘Invite’ speak!
Do you need new friends? 🙋 A blessed friend-based family? 👍 A place to share knowledge? Someone to tell about your ideas and engagements? *just saying*✔ Do you have some experiential advice to give?👏 Or do you need a place to talk/chat while eating Suya, Asun et al?💃

Come let’s gist about work, relationships, friends, family and life in general with no judgement or opinions.

Lets put heads together to talk about every and anything. *Based on the Agenda def* 😄

Next Edition: 2nd of August, 2014💯👐

For enquiries contact📞:
To join our mailing list💃: send your email address to


Blessing Okoro

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