“Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won’t work.”- Thomas A. Edison


That is a Leader talking…and today he has ushered us into the third stage of Leadership *dancing*.

Level 3: Production- Results

John C. Maxwell captured it like this and I rephrase- ‘People follow because of what you have done for them.’

How do we go about this level…We should:

– Initiate and accept responsibility for growth.
– Develop and follow a statement of purpose.
– Make your job description and energy an integral part of your statement of purpose.
– Develop accountability for results, beginning with yourself.
– Know and do the things that give a high return.
– Communicate the strategy and vision of the organisation.
– Become a change-agent and understand timing.
– Make the difficult decisions that will make a difference.


The major difference between levels 2 and 3- On the “relationship” level, people get together just to get together 🙂 There is no other objective. On the “results” level, people come together to accomplish a purpose.
They like to get together to get together, but they love to get together to accomplish something.
In other words, they are result-oriented.

Check out the previous level here

Go ahead ‘producing’ lasting relationships with this maxim- “People don’t care what you say, until they know how much you have done.”- Blessing Okoro.

A great friend of mine (@ikeamadi) who is following our ‘Leadership Series’ will end the write-up this way- ‘Do Something!’


Blessing Okoro

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