Today BlessingShares continues the ‘Leadership stages’ series based on the review of John C. Maxwell’s ‘Leadership 101’.
A big thank you to everyone that established an interest in the series, especially @ikeamadi @sarophimia @JamesMelbin and all other great minds that saw the last post.


The next level of Leadership after the Position stage is:

Level 2- Permission/ Relationships.

Characteristics of this level for mastering:

– Possess a genuine love for people.
– Make those who work with you more successful.
– See through other people’s eyes.
– Love people more than procedures.
– Do “win-win” or don’t do it.
– Include others in your journey.
– Deal wisely with difficult people.


Caution! Don’t try to skip a level. The most often skipped level is 2, Permission.

For example, a husband goes from level 1, Position, a wedding day title, to level 3, Production. He becomes a great provider for the family, but neglects the essential relationships that holds the family together. The family disintegrates and does the husband’s business.

This case study certainly doesn’t exempt the wives!

The point is ‘Relationships involve a process that provides the glue and much of the staying power for long term consistent production.’

To follow up on the previous level…please copy and paste the link 🙂

This week and beyond…go on building successful relationships.


Blessing Okoro

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